Stylish Face Shield, Blocc

The original stylish face shield that raised $1M+ on kickstarter & Indiegogo

Blocc is a face shield that combines safety with style. It feels like a fashion accessory, but doesn't compromise function.

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Durable, reusable, polycarbonate, Blocc, Face Shield

Durable & Shatter-resistant

Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate; the same material used to manufacture military-grade accessories such as protective goggles.

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Crystal Clear, Polycarbonate, Optical Clarity, Blocc

Crystal Clear

There's more to polycarbonate than durability; it also makes Blocc lightweight and reusable while providing glass-like optical clarity.

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Fog & Scratch-resistant

Anti-fog & scratch coatings are applied to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the surface. See and be seen clearly.

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UV Protection, UVA, UVB, Blocc Face Shield

UV Protection

Treated with UV 380 nanometer coating to block out harmful UV rays that cause eye problems and premature skin aging.

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