As a team of three young men from South Korea, we conceived the idea of Blocc in the early stages of the pandemic as we noticed how often pedestrians were touching their faces—a habit, as warned by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, that significantly increases the risk of infection. Upon further research, we learned that the average person subconsciously touches their face roughly 23 times an hour. Therefore, it only seemed logical to create a product that would deter this habit.

The item that immediately came to mind was a face shield. After all, the purpose of a face shield is, as its name suggests, to shield the face. Seeing that the standard ones on the market were bulky, uncomfortable, and far from aesthetically pleasing, we decided to design one that would combine style with safety—a face shield that would look and feel like a fashion accessory without compromising function.

After months of nonstop design and sleepless nights, we finalized our design and launched Blocc on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2020. Since then, Blocc has raised over $1 million worldwide and became one of the most popular personal protective equipment for everyday use.